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5 Fun Facts About Riding Scooty

5 Fun Facts About Riding Scooty

How many people does one see riding scooty in your daily life?A count of 10, 20, 50, 100 or may be more. What makes it so spectacular that you just see them on roads as much as cars or may be more. A famed tagline by Pleasure Scooty throughout its promotion, ‘’Why should boys have all the fun?’’

I think riding a scooty isn’t about who is riding it, rather it’s all about fun while riding.

I still remember the day when I got my 1st scooty and also the day when I owned my very own “Yamaha- Ray Z”. That feeling is totally different however have you ever noticed the facts that we experience just being on our scooty?

Here we are listing five of them:

  1. Twist and Go: Have you ever imagined how we simply vroom vroom and twist our scooty at any angle to reach our destination on time? Riding scooty can never leave you stuck in traffic jam because it just needs a little space to fit anyplace and secure your 1st place at any signal or in jam: p
  1. Sit close to your love: The sensation of sitting so near your love on a long drive feels great. Just hug him/her tightly and enjoy your ride.
  1. Easy to Ride: The sole technique you need to be told to ride a scooty is to balance. Once you learn it, the road is all yours.
  1. Enjoy Rain: Riding scooty in the rain is the best part of the ride. A touch of those little tiny drops, the smell of that wet soil and of course your scooty are much more than we need to fancy those moments.

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