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A note to whom I loved more than anything..

A note to whom I loved more than anything..

After initially breaking my heart and shattering it, I’m sure you must have relished how I was desperate to get you back into my life. I’m sure that, at that point of time, you must have enjoyed seeing me sacrifice every ounce of self-respect with my multiple efforts to get back with you. Even though I knew very well that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and that you left me just because you had fallen out of love, I still couldn’t help but make every effort I could to get back with you. That was then and now, after putting everything in perspective, I’ve realized that you’re just not worth it and that I’m actually better off without you. And you know what the funniest thing is? Now, the tables have turned. Now it’s you who wants to get back with me and you who is constantly letting me know that what we had was ‘special’ and that we should ‘forget about everything else’. Well I might have fallen for that once, but not anymore and it’s time I let you know that no matter what, it’s too late for you to come back now. There was a time when you meant the world to me, a time when you were my biggest priority. Your happiness was my happiness and your sadness was my sadness. There was time when I was ready to do anything for you and even after you left me for no fault of mine, I was still ready to love you that unconditionally. But after realizing how badly you treated me at that time, and understanding that I had done nothing wrong to you, I can never get back with you. No matter what you say or do, no matter how many efforts you make, I’ll never be able to love you the way I used to and you have no one but yourself to blame for it. All relationships go through their ups and downs, and all relationships go through their fair share of fights. But when you abandon someone who loved you with all their heart, for absolutely no valid reason whatsoever, you scar them. Once they start loving themselves to realize that they didn’t deserve that scar, nothing you do will make them love you again.

With love

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