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Author: Deepika Singhal

Top 7 Online Indian Designer Kurtis brands to buy from Amazon

In today’s world, we all are very much affectionate towards western traditions, say it for clothing or rituals or culture. But it is also true that how much any Indian tries to bend towards Western traditions but when it comes to any festival or any ritual or functions, Indian attire is the best chosen attire. We as Indians, no matter how much try to adopt western culture but Indian traditions are the most loved one when it comes to reality. Taking our Indian culture world wide, brands like BIBA, W and many more are giving us great fashion goals....

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From winters to spring, summer to Monsoon and autumn in the mid of the year, we Indians experiences a lot. But as we know, seasonal experiences comes with lots of skin problems, specially for those who have sensitive skin. Skincare is the only remedy to keep it beautiful and healthy.

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Bread Potato Croquettes Snacks

We have heard of Bread Rolls and Potato Cutlets. This time let’s try a mix of both. This snack item is Bread Potato Croquettes . We always find lots of yummy snacks items in a wedding function. This is one of them. One of the yummy potato snack recipes : Ingerdients: 4 Boiled Potatoes3 Fine Chopped Onions1- 2 Fine Chopped Green ChillyGrated GingerSalt ( as per taste)1/2 tsp. Red Chilly Powder1 tsp. Dhaniya Powder1/2 tsp. Amchoor1/2 tsp. Garam Masala1 tsp. Chaat Masala2 tsp. maida1 cup Bread CrumbsOil for fry bread potatoes croquets Recipe : Boil 4 Potatoes and grate...

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