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Author: Deepika Singhal

Premium Phones 2019: Best phones in India with reviews

Thinking of purchasing a new phone and that too of a premium class with the best quality!!! Here we are about to tell you every detail: Starting from Stunning Apple IPhone XS Max to the battery house of One Plus 6T till best class finish of Samsung Galaxy and many more. Here is the full end guide for you:Read below and we guarantee you’ll find the best phone for your needs: Apple iPhone XS / XS Max This is the largest display phone ever from IPhone. Its stunning design, powerful internals, and top-rate camera system makes Apple’s new iPhone...

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Zikrr ❤ 💔

तुम्हारे लफ़्ज़ों में ज़िक्र क्यों ‘तुम्हारा’ है, ”हमारा” नहीं,
तुम्हारे प्यार में ज़िक्र क्यों ‘तुम्हारा’ है, “हमारा” नहीं ।
दूर जाओगे तो अलग हम होंगे,

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आज फिर कुछ शब्दों से मुलाकात हुई,
घेर लिया चंद अल्फाजों ने मुझे;
कह रहे थे कुछ धीरे से,
आज शब्द भी थे कुछ भीगे से;
रास्ता थोड़ा मुश्किल था,
आंधी थी, तूफान था,

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True love never dies, you know that, right?
Have you ever been through the situation where you get hurt by the one you love the most? We all have been…
The things that hurt, the words that kill…
but love, it never fades..we still love them with all our heart 🙂

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