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Author: Deepika Singhal

Participating in and Leading A Group Discussion

  Today performance in group discussion has become an important dimension of many professional selection process. It is a methodology where companies gauge certain personality traits and skills that it desires in candidates.As companies are more interested in team players rather than individual contributors, group discussion gives a forum for teamwork by incorporating views of different team members to reach a common goal. Hence it develops a candidate’s potential to be a leader and his ability to work in teams. In schools, there is a growing awareness to employ the interactive process in teaching which also implies group discussion....

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Wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi,
Jab mujse tum Mili thi,
Tu aaj mere kareeb hai,
Aur kal bhi paas rahegi,
Teri jhuki hui nazro mein Jaise koi khyal hai,

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Ye waqt har waqt mera imtehaan leta raha,
Par mai bhi  apni dhunn mein laga raha,
Ek waqt tha jab meri aankhein thi num,
Par hothon par muskurahat rakhi,
Chahe khushi thi ya gum….

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