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Chocolate Carpet

Chocolate Carpet

Does your child love to eat chocolates? Every parent worries about the cavities issue but no child wants to stop having chocolates. Think of it when you treat your child with a chocolate carpet and his eyes just shine with happiness . Try this recipe :


3 scoops vanilla icecream

1/2 cup chocolate cake crumbs (crumbled in a mixie)

2 tbsp. chocolate sauce (refer sauces for icecreams and cakes)

1 icecream wafer

1 small bar plain chocolate

2 cherries, strawberries or candies for decoration

8 strawberries sliced


Use an single serving plate for this ice cream for best looks for presenting

Start with spread the cake crumbs at the bottom of the plate.

Cut the wafers into 2 pieces.

Place the three scoops in a line at the centre of plate.

Pour chocolate sauce over the three scoops.

Place cherries on top of outer scoops.

Poke wafers pieces in centre scoop.

Arrange strawberries/ gems/ nuts all around the dish.

Sprinkle the curls all over the icecream.

Use vegetable peeler to get curls in chocolates.

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