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3 easy steps to make Chocolate Crusher at home

3 easy steps to make Chocolate Crusher at home

Beat the heat with Crushers!!


Love KFC Chocolate Crushers? Want to have it at home? Here is the recipe :

3 easy steps to make just like KFC Chocolate Crusher at home:


Preparation Time: 3 Minutes
Blend Time: 2 Minutes

Ingredients for chocolate crusher:

½ ltr.- Milk
1 – Chocolate
5-6 – Oreo Biscuits
2 Teaspoon- Sugar
1 Cup- Vanilla Ice Cream
10-12-  Ice Cubes
Cookies and gems can be used for topping.


  1. Mix vanilla ice cream, Oreo biscuit, milk, ice cubes and chocolate.
  2. Blend the mixture for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour in a glass and top with crushed oreo biscuit, chocolate, gems and cookies.




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