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Are you infusing water right?

Are you infusing water right?

Infusing your water right?

A great way to step up your water and minerals intake, detox waters are worth the fuss if done right….


A glass of plain drinking water doesn’t make the cut anymore. Good old H2O has firmly set foot in the swish food club. Just throw in some dices fruits, few sprigs of greens or a dash of citrusy goodness…and your water is fit to drink.


Flavored water is basically a more appetizing way to consume more water, and more water soluble vitamins and minerals. One needs a variety of fluids to beat the summer heat and drinking plain water does get boring. So, homemade flavored water is a good way to hydrate the body without pilling on the sugars, chemicals or artificial agents.


Does it help in weight loss?

Yes, but only as much as drinking plain water would. “Any flavored water made at home by infusing fruits and herbs as effective in assisting weight loss as plain water. It is well known that consuming more fluids like a fresh lime or buttermilk helps you cut off unnecessary calories, reduces food consumption and results in weight loss.” Says Chandra. They help detox since most of these water have natural, mild diuretics like cucumbers or lemons, which may make you feel like you are flushing out fat but the reality is you are only losing a bit of excess water weight, and that isn’t permanent.

Make your own Elixir

Squeezing a lemon isn’t the same as letting whole lemon wedges infuse in water. The aroma, texture, flavors and freshness and detox waters are what makes them so cool. “Flavoured waters serve different purposes. For cooling, you could add cucumber peppermint with a dash of honey to water; for water retention, you can add cumin, fenugreek seeds and ajwain (boil, strain and cool this one); for better digestion, you can add ginger lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper.” Says Jia Singh, a nutritionist.


A lot of these waters have diuretic properties so check with a doctor before you consume them, particularly if you have BP, kidney or heart problems.


Get your own DIY water:
  • Drop ingredients in the bottom of a pitcher or fruit influencer.
  • Cover with ice way about ½ way through then fill to top with water.
  • You can refill the container 2-3 times before it loses flavor.
  • Add thinly sliced fruits, herbs or spices, and chill in the refrigerator.
  • The combinations are endless. Some fruits work better than others. Berries tend to break down faster than harder citrus fruits like lemons or limes.
  • For strongly flavored water, prepare it a day ahead and keep it in the fridge overnight before drinking it.
  • Just avoid any fruit that is bruised or overly ripe or herbs that don’t look fresh.

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