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This Is How Much You Mean To Me <3 And Yes, I Love You <3

This Is How Much You Mean To Me <3 And Yes, I Love You <3

Our love is not our life partner rather he/she is a partner for life.
A partner in crime, a partner in happiness and in sadness and they mean the world to us.

Afraid of saying “I Love You! ”
Want to tell your partner how much they mean to you with some magical words?


Here This Is How Much You Mean To Me <3
And Yes, I Love You <3


One day when you feel Alone,

Remember I am at the end of Phone.

I Love You Loads and that must Show,

I want to tell all the world to Know.

I have a person and that is You,

I love you for all you Do.

Your face so sweet and your heart so Gentle,

Keeping me together when I am going Mental.

Telling me you love me and that you hold me Tight,

Being there for me even in Night.

Thank you,  you mean a lot to Me,

Maybe now you will see


-Deepika Singhal

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