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9 Tips to improve your Communication Skills

9 Tips to improve your Communication Skills

How to hold a conversation?
Enhance your Communication Skills.

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Remember we always had a bad boy or girl in our class during school days who thought he was a good conversationalist as he/she had enhanced his communication skills. However, in reality, he shouted, dominated and argued with others to prove his point. This didn’t make him a good speaker but apparently, everyone avoided his/her company.

The success mantra for these days is to ‘CONNECT’’. Besides your academic performances, you need to be good in speaking to get jobs. those who speak generously and impromptu are appreciated above those who don’t. In short, good communications skills are as necessary as academic performances.


9 Tips to enhance your communication skills:


  1. Address people by their names: It sounds nice when people get called by their first name. You are familiar with their names right. The first name of a person is the best and sweetest thing anyone has. It’s their identity. It creates a bond between people. But, if you’re in conversation with elders or VIP’s, call them by appropriates titles e.g. ‘Sh., Sir or Madam.
  2. Take initiative: To be a decent speaker, you need to be an extrovert. Don’t wait for the other person to take the initiative to start out the conversation. Just go and break the ice. initially have small talks like greetings, well-being, food, weather etc.
  3. Maintain Eye-Contact: while having a conversation, avoiding eye contact shows a lack of interest and will be professed as insulting. To convey concern and warmth you should maintain eye-contact. Avoiding eye contact may conjointly indicate a lack of confidence. However, overdoing may even be perceived as staring and being rude. It takes the time to maintain a calm eye contact and a poised perspective.
  4. Smiling Face: Who wants to talk to someone who looks unhappy, irritated or not interested. Rather than showing yourself as self-important or grouchy, you must approach somebody nicely with warmth and friendliness. A smiling face indicates that you are happy and fascinated by having a conversation with them.
  5. Respect Others: Always keep in mind ‘People don’t care how much you recognize about them; people care how much you care about them.’. Whenever you show you genuinely care for somebody, you become a better conversationalist there. People are more interested in talking to a person who cares about them. But yes, it’s necessary to show care only when you genuinely mean it. Never care only for that moment. it’ll lead solely to harm them.
  6. Listen to others: It’s always necessary to listen to others. Conversation is a two-way traffic. After you have spoken, just listen closely to their response. Pay attention to what they’re speaking. Sometimes just nodding, or saying ‘Yes’, or ‘Interesting’ can show that you are genuinely paying attention. Failing to do that makes conversation a monolog.
  7. Express your Views: As much as listening to others is important, putting your views is also an important a part of a conversation. You just ought to speak what you’re thinking that and feel right not what others need you to talk. express your views and ideas. this may give you an exposure.
  8. Disagree Politely: It’s not necessary that you always agree with all the points what others say in an exceeding conversation however instead of saying, ‘’I don’t believe this”; say ‘’I have a unique read over this’’. this may avoid making others defensive and more conversations can result in new discussions.
  9. Closure: when having an oral communication, it’s necessary to finish it on a decent note. It leaves a decent impression. Give serious compliments.



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