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Lost but Found !!!

Lost but Found !!!

Losing someone is the hardest thing to deal with.
Loving someone more than anyone else,
A feeling of losing yourself while trying to be someone’s everything.


We love that someone so much that mere thought of losing them brings us tears.


Searching for you searching for words..
When I lost you I lost my world..

Tried in music,tried in books,
Found no ‘you’ to have a look..
Getting tired with each try,
Lost the smile which made you die..,
Hope you listen when I cry..
But still I’m happy or I’m trying to lie,

Love was there when you entered my heart
Did everything I could on my part,
You were the words of my write
With you gone.. There is no one to fight..
Happy were the days spent with you…
Living with memories of me n you..

Trying to learn the way life works,
Be a good person and earn some perks.


Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.

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