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Deepika Singhal

Hi there! My name is Deepika Singhal and I am the writer/author behind You Me Thoughts.

On one fine day, I wrote something and my friends read that accidentally. Surprisingly, they loved that. Being a social person, whenever I wrote and shared my feelings on Facebook and Instagram, I mostly received comments like “Oh this is exactly what I was thinking.’’ and that’s how the idea of YOU ME THOUGHTS originated.

I am a CONSULTANT by profession, FOODIE since birth, passionate for LOVE and a SCORPION for life.

You Me Thoughts- is a platform where life and memories, Career and Personality, Recipes and Health, One-liners and listicles, Poems and Stories can be found. Basically, I tried to cover from FULLY to FALTU thoughts here.

In short ‘ This is the immense reflection of your thoughts.’

‘’Your Thoughts, Our Words.’’

Want to connect? Just leave a comment or message and yeah we will reply for sure. We are chatterboxes like that!

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