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Road trips memories Last Forever!!

Road trips memories Last Forever!!

The time we have, the moments we share on road trips create beautiful memories. Laugh and fun, fight and run, the time when we feel worth living, the moments that we just capture for forever. It’s all about games we play, memories we share, songs we sing, eyes we blink. We get completely lost for that one time during the trip. The beauty of these memories cannot be captured in words, they just get captured in our hearts forever.

Road trips meant so meaningful for us from childhood. The wobbly starts. The crashes. The fallings-off. The lesson that slowing down – a natural response to speed-induced fear – is in fact a really bad idea. And eventually, the triumphant moment when the skill is mastered. The first taste of our independence! The age of 5 was awesome. Isn’t it?

Then having a bicycle in school time was itself a feat for us. While riding to school or to coaching, after school races or hurry to reach on time to meet your girlfriend, the airplane we had was our bicycle. Remember bunking school with friends to have a race or following your crush in slow speed just to stalk, the first fall which is hard to forget, riding was no less than a F1 race. Cycling was the best way to roam around the streets, also for visting the city.

When as adults we  look back to our childhood bicycle experiences, many are filled with a sense of enlightenment.

Childhood turns into Adulthood and bicycles into Motorbikes but what last forever is our ‘’Road Trips.’’ Riding to school turns in riding to college, riding to coaching turns in party places, meeting girlfriend turns into riding with girlfriends but what remains same is after races. Remember how we rode in colleges like we were invisible. Just owning a Bullet was enough to have ‘Apna swag’ in Grads. We don’t always need plans, we just went.

Whenever you are feeling down with worries or high with excitement, not able to decide what to do or confused with which one to pick from the bunch, there is a solution, take a road trip!

These trips not only lead you to a newer destination, but also introduces us to new ways of celebrating every moment of our lives!

Changing local road trips to interstate trips, moving on from

     ‘Bicycle to Bullet’ , ‘ Pados ki galiyan to Leh-Ladakh ki Roads’ ;


‘’Bicycles to Motorbikes,
Road trips last forever, Memories last forever.’’


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