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How to shake off your shyness ??

How to shake off your shyness ??

Are you shy? If yes, you are alone and far from everyone. But nothing is this world can remain unachieved.

Here are some tips to shake off your shyness:

Shyness is feeling uncomfortable in social¬†situations¬†in¬†ways that¬†interfere with our ability to¬†fancy¬†ourselves, to perform at¬†the extent¬†we’re capable of or that cause¬†us¬†to avoid social¬†situations¬†altogether.


Many¬†people¬†encounter¬†shyness¬†to a¬†varying¬†degree.¬†It’s¬†a sense¬†of lack of confidence or awkwardness¬†full-fledged when¬†someone¬†is approaching or being approached by¬†others,¬†particularly¬†in new¬†things¬†or with unknown¬†folks.S hyness¬†can¬†vary from feeling¬†mild¬†to moderate discomfort in one or¬†a lot of¬†areas of our life (e.g., meeting new¬†people,¬†public speaking, attending social functions, dating,¬†creating¬†cold calls at work) to¬†draining¬†levels¬†of anxiety that impact¬†us¬†in¬†almost¬†everything¬†we¬†do.¬†It’s¬†about¬†feeling timid, uncomfortable, experiencing physical sensations¬†among¬†ourselves or feeling¬†inarticulate¬†.

This¬†usually¬†happens¬†when¬†people¬†aren’t¬†positive¬†what is going to ¬†happen or¬†how¬†others will react¬†when¬†all the eyes¬†are¬†on them. They hesitate to perform or¬†speak because¬†they¬†are¬†oversensitive¬†and unsure of themselves.¬†When¬†shyness¬†is¬†more¬†intense,¬†it’s¬†typically¬†described¬†as social anxiety,¬†social phobia¬†or¬†panic disorder.

“The¬†way¬†you overcome¬†shyness¬†is to become¬†so¬†wrapped up¬†in¬†something¬†that you¬†forget to be afraid.”

‚Äď Claudia¬†Lady¬†Bird Johnson

Unfortunately, shyness is an enormous detriment to success. The key to overcoming shyness is to alter the method you think about yourself. Here are some ways to shake off your shyness and enjoy your social life:

1. Acknowledge¬†your¬†shyness:¬†Think about¬†the root¬†of your shyness.¬†Try to¬†recognize¬†the¬†things¬†that¬†are¬†holding you back. It¬†merely¬†means¬†to seek out¬†the reasons¬†why you get nervous¬†when¬†the spotlight is on you.¬†When¬†recognizing look¬†how¬†it manifests in your life.¬†Concentrate¬†to those thoughts¬†and the¬†emotions¬†accompanying¬†them.¬†The first¬†way to¬†overcome your¬†shyness¬†is¬†to simply accept¬†the zones¬†within which¬†you’re¬†uncomfortable.

2. Figure out your elicit: Notice yourself in the situations wherever you are feeling uncomfortable, where you feel discomfort. Do you feel uncomfortable while meeting new people? Do your feel awkward while attending social functions? When surrounded by new people or while admiring? Try to pinpoint the thoughts that go through your head right before the shyness hits.

3. Change the Focus: Shy persons are extremely self-conscious and they unconsciously tend to underestimate themselves. Now change your focus outside to you, at people’s life and behavior. Observe everyone is as same as you are. Everyone is insecure and afraid of embarrassment.

Remember: Do not allow fear or embarrassment of looking stupid to discourage you from doing what you need to do. 

4. Discover your strengths: Make a list of all your positive qualities–enlist a friend or family member to help if you need to–and read or recite it when you’re feeling insecure. Let it remind you how much you have to offer. Remember ‚Äú God do not make Junk.‚ÄĚ All of us have something in ourselves. We have different styles of performing everything, learning, behavior, and thoughts. Do not compare yourself with others. Everyone has different quality. Experience the joy of doing those things you love and recognize your capability. Spend quality time discovering your strengths.

5. Initiate Small Actions: Face shy situations and check what steps you can take or can help you to handle those situations better. Do something just a little more outgoing than that you would normally do. Start talking to others with small conversations and simple actions. Try to remember the topics, smile to others, make eye contact, say ‚Äúhi‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúhello‚ÄĚ and ask a question. Greet and call people by their names. Social interaction can be simplified, to a point.

6. Get informed: If you’re attending any occasion in upcoming days, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself with a couple hot topics. Read up. That way when the topic comes up in conversation, you’ll be able to chip in. You’re not looking to impress here with your thorough and in-depth knowledge. You’re simply looking to join in.

7. Make New Friends: Introduce yourself to new people and gradually increase your conversation time with them. Start talking about general topics with them like clothes, fashion, trends, movies etc. You will be surprised to notice people appreciating and welcoming your initiatives.

The shell must break before the bird can fly. ‚Äď Tennyson

8. Develop self-confidence: Close your eyes and visualize a situation where you might be shy. Now, in your mind’s eye, think about being confident. Do this often, and for different situations. This is most effective if you do this daily, especially in the morning. Involve all your senses to make it feel the most real. Think about being happy and comfortable. What do you sound like? What are you doing? That way when the time comes, you’ll be prepared.

9. Practice speaking clearly to yourself: This will help avoid the potential embarrassment of needing to repeat what you said due to mumbling or talking too quietly. You gotta get used to hearing your own voice! Loving it, even. Record yourself pretending to have conversations. Sounds ridiculous, sure, but you’ll notice patterns, when and why you drop off, times when you assume you’re speaking loudly but you’re really not, etc. Practice makes habits, you know!

10. Handle Rejection Positively: All of us experience rejection at different times and situations throughout our life. Some may not accept you in your friend circle or may not be interested in talking to you, but do not lose confidence. Rather develop those skills and personal competence so that they seek you. Hence make rejections a challenge to bring out best in you.

11. Reward yourself: Celebrate your small success in overcoming shyness. Congratulate yourself for being different from the past and the progress you see in shaking off your shyness.¬†don’t¬†define¬†success or failure by the¬†way¬†people¬†relate to you.¬†you can¬†always¬†control¬†how¬†people¬†react to you.

“Fake it¬†until¬†you create¬†it” –¬†could be a¬†good¬†motto. Keep¬†pretending¬†to be¬†confident¬†and¬†after¬†awhile¬†you’ll¬†noticethat you¬†really¬†are.¬†Shyness is feeling uncomfortable in social situations in ways that interfere with our ability to enjoy ourselves, to perform at the level we’re capable of or that cause us to avoid social situations altogether.

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