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Poetry- So Far Yet So Near

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So Far Yet So Near !!!

So Far Yet So Near !!!

Have Crush on someone and wondering what to say to him/her?
Ever been in love? Experienced those lubby dubby moments <3
Ever felt the pain of separation? Love your partner a lot but not together?


A poem for all your thoughts being “SO FAR YET SO NEAR”



Like a warrior, but with great Charm,

Eyes so sharp , yet look so Calm

His stare so deep, pierces through my Heart,

Leaving me Spellbound and too stunned to React

To get a glimpse of his charisma so Deep,

The veils of life, I push aside and Peep

We are in love, we secretly Know,

But about love, we never spoke So

Love is Blind but people aren’t,

Fate is such that we never Unite

Message of love with ours eyes we send,

And being Good Friends we always pretend

In every crowd, my eyes go searching,

So, to see me, his eyes keep searching

Our mind speaks to each other,

But to admit love we always fear

How long will last this silent Play,

That turns more painful day after day..

Days of friendship has come to an end,

Pain of separation like the curtains descends

With every step I take away from him,

My ears listens sharp and keen

Wishing that he’d call my name,

And tell me with courage that I’m his flame

Let people gossip or say what they will,

We are made for each other

But there was a silence and none called me back,

Sadly I tread, leaving no track

He is today far away from me,

Yet in my thoughts, he is always near me….

Deepika Singhal


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