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“A wish which remained just wished”

“A wish which remained just wished”

I would not wish any partner in life but you.


“A wish which remained just wished”

One wish unwished,
One dream undreamt,
One love unsaid
One life unlived.

Incomplete are the words,
And so is the world without you,
Leaving me in the rain
With tears being in eyes
But just water drops for you.

Dreams are down so am I,
Trembling with fear and unable to fly.

Wambled feet lookin’ for destination
Smiling through the way that knows no termination.

Loving you was never hard,
Wishing if I can get one green card.

Much to say but hard to convey
Please bring me back those cheerful days

Dreaming of you is now a dream
Willingly trapped in your lost stream.

Living for love made me sane
Loving you made me insane

One wish of being together is still holding my hand
‘Cause my love for you knows no end.

“I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul.” – Charles Dickens

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