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How to cure Urinary Infections? – A summarized guide, Drink More Water

How to cure Urinary Infections? – A summarized guide, Drink More Water

People often have the urinary infections causing many problem like tickling after peeing, sensations in urinary nerves, itching or peeing frequently. All these are the symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection. We hesitate to share this problem with others and stay tensed to know how to cure this. This infections more often found in women than men.

Here is the simple solution to this problem. Drink more water.

Every woman who suffers frequent urinary infections [ UTIs] should drink more water. Many medical studies has proven that women who have increased their water intake had a significant reduction in these infections.

Apart from this, Bladder Infection is also one of the most common infection in Women. More than half a women population suffer from this in their lifetime. This also can reoccur after the cure within 6 months.

UTIs are most commonly found in those women who drink less than 1.5 liters of fluid in a day.

During a trial, half of the women based out of trial were told to increase their fluid intake by double i.e 3 liters per day and half of the women were told to continue with their usual routine. As a result, Women who doubled their water intake experienced fewer UTIs.

Henceforth, Drinking more water and increasing your fluid intake can help you to cure your Urinary infections and save you from such infections to happen in your lifetime. This also help in reduction of antibiotic use which in turn could help control antibiotic resistance.

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