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Kesar Falooda Recipe * You Me Thoughts ⋆ You Me Thoughts

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Kesar Falooda Recipe * You Me Thoughts

Kesar Falooda Recipe * You Me Thoughts

Kesar Falooda Ingredients

10 tall transparent falooda glasses

1 litre chilled unboiled pastuerised milk 1 cup kesar syrup

1/2 litre vanilla icecream 1 tbsp. falooda seeds

1/2 cup chopped almonds and cashewnuts

For falooda sev:

sev press with medium-fine holed plate 1 cup cornflour

2 cups water

plenty of ice cold water

Method For sev:

Mix cornflour and water. Cook on slow fire, stirring continuously, till transparent. If required add few more tbsp. water while cooking. Mixture when cooked should be transparent and can be sticky. Oil inside of press. Spoon in cooked mixture. Hold press over a large bowl of ice water. Press out spaghetti like sev into water. Do not disturb by stirring. Keep in refrigerator to chill till required. Drain in colander before using.

For falooda seeds:

Soak cleaned seeds in 1/2 litre water for 30 minutes. Drain in colander, chill in refrigerator till required.

To proceed before serving:

Beat chilled milk with hand mixie till frothy. Take number of glasses to be served. Pour 2 tbsp. of syrup at bottom. Add 2 tbsp. sev. Top with 1 tbsp. seeds. Tilt glass a bit, pour milk to 3/4 level, carefully. Do not disturb the base layers, while pouring. Top with a scoop of vanilla icecream. Garnish with chopped nuts Serve with long handled thick shake spoons.


Careful with the soaked falooda seeds, they are a very sticky affair to clean, if you get them spilled over your clothes or floor! These seeds form an excellent intestinal cooling agent in the summer season. Especially in cases of hot flushes, menses, and heat related disorders.

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