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Biggest help for clearing the interviews- Top 10 Interview Questions

Biggest help for clearing the interviews- Top 10 Interview Questions

Are you afraid of your upcoming interview? Do you want to crack it ? Surely need some preparations. Do you want to crack your upcoming job interview? Although hiring managers will not ask the same interview questions mentioned below. However, they may ask the questions along the same line with different words. It’s good to be prepared rather than regretting later.

Here are some commonly asked interview questions:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Introduction)

The question seems easy. However, this is one of the most difficult one to answer as this question will help you to create either a good or bad impression on the interviewer. The ans can lead a candidate either to oversharing the details or less sharing.

The best tip which can be useful in answering this question can be just to stay calm and humble. Don’t rush for the answer. Keep in mind what you want to say. The best start can be to tell the interviewer about your current job.

Never start with your name as the interviewer must have called you by your name to ask you to sit down. There is no need to share the information which he already knows.

2. How did you hear about this position?

The interviewer asks this question to know about your passion for this job. They want to know whether you have heard about this job from your friend or searched it on job portals. They just want to know how much efforts have you made to apply for this job and how serious you are to get a job.

3. What do you know about the company?

The motive behind this question is not to know what do you know aboutt he mission and goals of the company. They are not asking this to know the language which has been written on their website in about us section. However, they want to know if you care well enough about the company’s goals and how you can contribute in the growth.

4. Why do you want this job?

It’s a tricky question and you will be able to answer it at best when you know how to change your strengths / skills into the company’s requirement. As if you are applying for the consultant profile you can tell him about your communication skills, strategy making can be a great fit for the company.

Identify your features as how your strong communication skills can be a great fit for customer service. Add something by which they can be convinced how offering you the position can benefit both; you and the company.

5.  Why should we hire you?

This answer can make or break your interview; it all depends on how you sell yourself and your strengths. Here, you have to prove for yourself as in how you can be a good fit in the organisation instead of other candidates. Try including why you think you’d deliver good results.

6. What is your dream job?

Now , you have been questioned to check whether your ambition matches the goals of the company or not. It would be great if you will be honest while answering this question as this will also give the exact idea of what you want to learn and what you will learn after joining the job. Even, this question will help you as well to decide about the job. In case you are not sure about your future goals, it’s alright to say that you will benefit from the experience the job will provide you or how this job aligns with your personal goals.

7. What other companies are you interviewing at?

The interviewer is gauging what the competition is for you, and if you’re serious about the industry you’re looking to work in. A good way to answer this question would be to say that you are applying to similar companies in the industry, but the factors here they have you most interested/excited.

8. Why are you leaving your current job?

This question is almost guaranteed to be asked. Always portray your previous employers in a neutral or positive light; shape your experience to make it sound like you’re looking for new opportunities. If you were let go, it’s best to admit it; make past experience sound like a learning curve for you.

9. Why did you shift career paths?

This may or may not apply to everyone in an interview. Give examples of how your past experience has shaped you to better suit your new career path. Again, honesty is the best policy; it’s alright to admit to a divergent background. Try finding a common thread tying together all your previous career choices.

10. What are your salary requirements?

Apps like Payscale and Glassdoor help you determine the answer to this question prior to your interview. Quote the highest number in the range you get based on your past education, skills and experience, but ensure that your interviewer knows that you’re flexible and willing to negotiate.

Once you have a rough idea of the questions that’ll come your way, it’s a good idea to practice or prepare a rudimentary answer for the day of your interview. Remember to be yourself and let the rest flow naturally.

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