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5 Tips to learn the Art of Receiving Compliments

5 Tips to learn the Art of Receiving Compliments

Do you understand the art of giving and receiving compliments?


Complimenting has to be taught and learned.
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As we need to be told the art of giving compliments, accepting compliments can be a challenge as well. Everyone is eager to get them and happy once received. Sometimes we dismiss them or having trouble accepting them. Either we ignore or simply just don’t believe when someone compliment us. Sometimes we simply transfer the credit or de-value them. However, that doesn’t sound nice and healthy for your profile. Here are some tips for how you can graciously settle for and acknowledge them:


5 Tips to learn the Art of Receiving Compliments:


  1. Be Attentive: While being in the conversation with anyone, simply listen to each and every word what he says and try to understand the meaning. Keep yourself relax if you find yourself uncomfortable. It will make you as well as others feel better.
  2. Acceptance: Believe when someone compliments you. Arguing or denial might end in insulting or hurting the feelings of the giver. It may sound like you are contradicting them or they don’t have a decent judgment. Simply accept and believe when somebody praises you.
  3. Smile: Smile is the best feature anyone has. Always receive a compliment with a gracious smile. If you avoid eye-contact or frown, it will confuse the giver and creates a clumsy situation.
  4. Magic Words: Magic words always work in any situation. It’s just a matter of few words which can change the whole position. Always follow compliments with magic words like ‘Happy to know that’, ‘That really means a lot’.
  5. Acknowledge: It’s more comfortable when you return the favor with simple and kind words. It’s sensible courtesy to impart somebody genuinely after receiving a compliment. Never deny or argue with the giver. Acknowledge them by saying nice words like Thank you’, ‘I am happy that you simply noticed’, ‘Good to listen to this’ etc.

Go forward, communicate, offer compliments to others and acknowledge the one you receive. ‘’Everybody likes a compliment.’’ –Abraham Lincoln

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